Life Of a Preachers Daughter

Life of a preachers daughter

40 Years In The Desert

I want to begin by saying we are all blessed to be in this county where we are at liberty to speak an say what we think and the ability to go where we want to go in this great country of ours. It’s an honor and a privilege to be able to talk about my world with you and that you would actually want to read my blogs. 
As we get to know one another I hope that you will find a connection with me. 
All my life I wondered what would happen to me as I got older, Maybe when I am 50
or 60,
Who will take care of me? I am amazed when I did turn the age (Lets just say I’m over 20) LOL….
Now that I am the age I am now, I wish I would had a way for a better education or anyone to tell me about life outside of being a Preachers daughter and down from the tree so to speak! Anyway, life for me has went by very quickly and it seems to get faster and faster everyday.
It’s like the song says, Don’t Blink which Kenny Chesney sings about, how life goes faster then you think,
You Have the Choices

Have you thought about your financial situation for your future??
 Sure you have thought about it you say, but have you really?
Think about all the choices you have made in your life up to this point of reading this blog, Have you been happy in your financial situations? Do you have money saved up for your future retirement? Even if you are over 20 or maybe you are in your forties or 50s. 
Think about how would you react about your financial outlook. 
I have to tell you that I did think about it when I was younger but never did anything about it or even aware of anything like this.

Answer From The Mountain

I recently got introduced to the 3 Step System and have not looked back on what could or might have happened and now I am looking forward to finding and becoming new friends with people out there and enjoying all the new experiences that will come my way and if you get on the train with me you too will experience new things as well, especially extra money right? We all could use more of that! So lets live life to the fullest and have fun because you only live once!

Enjoy your day and may God bless each and everyone of you.

Just the opinions of a Preachers Daughter.

Lace Tomus