In this “Life Of A Preachers Daughter” Blog I want to share with you about my ups and downs about the true God. Have you Faith? Do you know who God-Jesus is? Image

When I was real young probably around three years old, I remember being introduced to God as my savior. God was introduced to me as “THE ONE AND ONLY TRUE GOD” and that there was no other.

Now the bible states “I AND MY FATHER ARE ONE”
as I grew older I began to ask questions about other religions that were out there. I discovered there were lots more to learn. Then in my later years, I was told there were three (“the Father” “The Son” and The Holy Spirit”)  Huh! What? What is happening (I asked myself). Do I not know who God is? Why am I feeling so separated from what I was taught all these years?


When I was around five years old,
this evangelist family called “The Spears Family” who came to our home church held a revival. I was then baptized in “Jesus Name” with all my brothers and sisters. If you don’t know the religion, It was whom they called “The Holly Roller” People.  

it is not as strong as the Holy rollers with the snakes and all but, we were the ones whom did a lot of what they call “Speaking In Tongues”  people. This church in short is (“The UPC Church”) which stands for (“The United Pentecostal Church”).

I have three other sisters,
they never had long hair but for me, I had real long hair. If you know of the Country singer Crystal Gayle then you know how my hair was. This religion does not allow woman to cut their hair. We were spectated from boys in the church where the boys sat on one side and the girls on the left. When going swimming there were no suits allowed. No swimming with boys. Once I remember waring shorts to swim but only while swimming and never outside of the closed swimming area. Closed to the outside world. We could never ware pants. We always had to ware dresses. I remember one day at school where I was called granny (just for waring dresses all the time) from this particular boy. He was the only boy who always pulled my hair.

I remember
sitting in front of him in class and him throwing gum in my hair. I remember having to go home and for the first time in my life having my mother put the scissors to my hair. I think that day she might have cried for the first time for me because she had to do it in which she knew it had to be done even though my heart was breaking. It took several months for it to grow back as my hair always grew fast just like hers does.

Years later, Around 22
I got out of “The UPC” church started becoming like everyone else, waring pants, shorts, bathing suits, and going to the movies (Might I add that Movies and Television was out of the question).

I spent some time exploring other religions. So I thought I’d try some other religion. I started going to “The Assembly Of God” church where I was taught about “The Father” , “The Son” and “The Holy spirit”. By then I was so confused about God and Jesus that I began to wonder if I really was headed for Heaven! I began to doubt my faith in God. I began to ask myself who is God? Who is Jesus? Anyway, I stayed in “The Assembly Of God” church for about five years and then stopped going.

After a while
I was then introduced to The Mormon faith. I was taught and baptized again in their faith hoping that I would finally find my way (THE RIGHT WAY) I stayed there for about five months and felt so out of place that I just gave up on going to church to church all together.

To this day I am still confused, still don’t know which religion is “THE RIGHT ONE”  all I know is that I am doing my best to walk on the right path that has been planned out for me.

*I hope that for day is blessed and I hope that you enjoyed reading “Life Of A Preachers Daughter” Blog for today*

Peace and may God richly bless your day,
Lace Tomus

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