The Little Boy (I couldn’t believe what I heard)

What if you were told that you could never get a ride EVER again with the bus that took you to church on a bright Sunday morning?


How disappointing it was to hear about a little 7 year old boy who had been taking the bus to Sunday school every Sunday. You see this little boy has been taking this same bus to Sunday School for over a year, every since him and his little sister moved in with their grandmother.

This little boy always gets up early every Sunday morning just so he would make sure he and his little sister wouldn’t miss the church bus. He loves Sunday school and wants so much to learn more and more about Jesus.

He’s always talking about how Jesus helps his family and how Jesus gives them a roof over their head and food on the table. He loves his grandmother and is thankful for her taking him and his little sister in.

So the little boy was so excited when they knocked on the door to pick him up. But you see this knock wasn’t the same knock that he had heard for so many Sundays before. To his dismay, he was informed that he was not going to be picked up anymore because they have to pick up somebody else now.

The little boy ran to his room and cried for about 2 hours. He asked his grandmother why they were they being so mean? He couldn’t understand why Jesus wouldn’t let him go to Sunday school? His grandmother told him that it wasn’t Jesus who wouldn’t let him go to Sunday school. It was the bus driver.

The grandmother hugged him and told him that Jesus still loved him and that he would need to pray for the bus driver. He wiped his face and said OK and then they stood together and prayed for the bus driver.

After the prayer was done, the little boy smile and said YES! Jesus does love me and I can’t wait till next Sunday..

I hope that today’s blog helps you in your conquest to get your children/grand kids to know the Jesus that this little boy so much loves.

The Bible says: Love one another as he loves us!
Till Next Time:
Lace Tomus