For today’s “Life Of a Preachers 
Daughter Blog”Lace I want to talk about being in the 75% bracket of over weight woman. 

I used to be so insecure with the way I look and at times I would just hide myself from the world outside.
I never wanted to show or tell anyone about the way I feel or felt but I now know that not talking about it only brings me to the realization that I couldn’t control it.

Some days 
I think I have a handle on it but then
other days it’s like hitting a brick wall. I have tried so many things, gimmicks, diet pills to keep a handle on it. I even went as far as going to a diet place (I won’t say where) and payed ALOT of money, and in doing so I lost about 10 Pounds and then gained it all back and then some,,,,,

Looking back,
on that time of my life and all the struggles that have come my way and continue to come my way, I will never give up on myself no matter what ales me. Doing all the gimmicks and other things, I never realized that I was doing it all wrong and giving my body injustice by going in the wrong directions. I don’t know how long it will take me to lose but I do know that the older I get the harder it is to lose the weight.

If you
are in some form of the 75% as well and you think you are doing it right I applauded you for trying.

My number one rule in this life,

I just wanted to share
with you
 how I’m feeling today in the LIfe Of a Preachers Daughter blog.
This is only my thoughts and of my life.

I hope that however you are feeling today that you are happy and healthy.
God Bless and Peace be with you!

Lace Tomus


Life Of a Preachers Daughter Blog- Sunday Morning Blah!

LaceWhat started out to be a fantastic day, has turned into a tried and tested morning for me.

The day started off by me doing what I do almost every morning,
going to get me an iced Tea to get me going for the day. So I go outside and began to get into my car and looked down and found that my front tire on the drivers side was almost flat. You talk about Blah! That’s how I felt. Blah!

So I go to the closet place to get air for the tire and to my surprise,,,,
They wanted a dollar just to get air. I’m like REALLY? Just for air? Think of the cost of air that we breath,,, if we had to pay for it, how much would it be? Anyway, it being a Sunday you would think there was somewhere that I could go get it fixed in this Ocean town?

Well I was at my last wits end when,
I decided to use my G.P.S. I searched it and found a few places that maybe they would be open. So after calling all the places and not finding anything open on my list, I thought, W.W.G.D, Meaning (what would God do)?

I stopped the car and said a little prayer,
I sat for what seemed like 15 min. I decided to go down this little street, ‘lo and behold’ there was this little mom and pop tire shop whom had just opened up for the day!!! I couldn’t believe it! I’m like WOW!
I stopped and thanked God for his many blessings for showing me the way.The tire was fixed, and when receiving the bill, they told me the cost of fixing the tire with a total of $20.40. I thought to myself,, that’s OK with me because they were there for me when I needed them most. As I was walking out the door, they said, they hoped God would bless my day today! I said thanks,, you too and was out the door. I thought about what had just happened to me concerning the tire that I have so much to be thankful for.

Now that I am at home and have begun to write this blog and think back on it
I never mentioned to anyone about the morning I was having. I think it happened to me so I could tell my story and let you know what happens in the Life Of a Preachers Daughter. I am so thankful to have the opportunity to bring to you my Life Of a Preachers Daughter Blog for today.

Blessed are you, for taking the time to read my blogs.

May your day be filled with much happiness and love.



Lace Tomus

Life Of A Preachers Daughter Blog

In the time it took me to wake up,Life of a preachers daughter
shower, get dressed, eat and get the kids off to school, you would think that I would be enjoying the rest of the few minutes I had left before I had to get to work,,,, spending time for me? Nope,,,,

I used to have a very hard job,
I worked long hours and doing the heavy lifting thing was just something I had to do to survive. Yes I said survive! I didn’t think there was a place that I could work at where that I didn’t have to please other people. Getting up each day and struggling to get to work, was at times so tiring that I didn’t think I would make it through the day and yes there were times I thought I would die from all the lifting that I knew I would have to endure for that day. When my body ached with so much pain I would just lie there wishing and praying that maybe there was another way to live. It took me a long time to find such a program but when I was introduced to this Simple 3 Step formula I was so happy.

I haven’t been in it for very long and I still got a whole lot to learn, but I am going to DO IT because I know if I don’t at least try it, I will never know how much it can change my whole thought of being.

Thanks again for reading my blogs!
May God richly bless you.

Lace Tomus


Life Of a Preachers Daughter

Lace TomusImage

is one of the rising stars of Country Music, boasting a stage presence that exudes exceedingly high levels of energy, mirrored
by genuine musical talent. The Indiana-born singer-songwriter’s musical journey encompasses all the makings of a true musical star, with her musical offerings underpinned by that characteristic raw singing/songwriting talent that has clearly been shaped by years of growth, experience and inspiration.

Lace can best be described as an indie artist

with a Gospel faith upbringing and this forms the basis of her unique musical style which has seen her evolve to incorporate the Country Music genre into her offerings. Lace’s musical talent was very evident from a very young age, when she informally kicked-off her singing career at the very delicate age of just three (3) years, singing in churches across the United States of America, under the tutelage of her father’s travails as a minister.

Having been raised in the Christian faith
and using her talents whenever and wherever the need arose, Lace did the hard yards in honing and refining her evolving musical talent, with singing becoming a concrete part of her way of life for many years. The establishment of her current, unique musical style, which encompasses both Country and Gospel, was sparked by her desire to grow musically in her late teens, when she began to write country music.

While Lace Tomus’ musical offerings
generally incorporate elements of Country and Gospel collectively,
the Country/Gospel singer continues to write for both Country and Gospel as separate genres of music. Suitably assigned to the top-tier of today’s female vocalists, Lace’s unique blend of premium vocal ability and songwriting prowess is second to none, responsible for some of the greatest albums of this era, which include the likes of Silent Night, My Mansion, Beyond Rainbows, I Told You So, White Tear Wine and Heart of a Country Girl.

Thank you 
for letting me share my talents and stories with you!

If you would like to become a fan, Please visit my website right HERE!
Peace be unto you and thanks for reading and checking out my music.
Lace Tomus



I cannot say,
who they are but by the time you get through reading this short blog…………….

Thank you for your interest,
in coming to our show unfortunately as of right now, you are the not the right candidate and you don’t fit our program.
We are a team of over obese achievers and we are looking for qualified people.

WOW! How is that I ask myself? Am I not an obese woman too?

To be honest with you,
I think I am. Being over 200 lbs you would think  they would count me as being their right candidate RIGHT? NOPE!
I guess my story isn’t what they were looking for.

My drive,
With the will and the drive inside me, this country girl can and will do it on her own!

Thoughts and comments are most appreciative!

To know more and find out what I’m up to now >>>>>



Lace Tomus