The Best Fruit I Ever

I want to share with you about the BEST fruit EVER,Image
When I lived in Arizona, (which was most of my life) I didn’t eat a lot of fruit because it didn’t have the sweet taste like fruit should have. Then I Moved To Texas, I began to do some shopping at a local Super market (HEB they call it) I began to realize that the taste of the fruit here in Texas was and is NOT like another place in the USA that could hold a candle to. Man you talk about SWEET,

Has the sweetest, most delicious fruit I have ever tasted. The rich color and flavor of the strawberries are unreal. I had some fruit again last night (actually I try to eat some fruit everyday) and you talk about wanting to eat pounds of it. WOW I said to myself, I need to stop because if I didn’t I will have to pee all night long L.O.L.

Anyways Back To It,
As I said Texas has the best fruit I have ever tasted. I could not believe what I was tasting. It was like a lightening bolt hitting my taste buds like crazy. If I ever move from here I WILL miss it with everything I have inside my body.

Not To Long Ago,
I was in Florida and never tasted the fruit like Texas has. I did eat a couple of those Florida oranges. They were so sour I hardly got it down. I know for sure there is nothing compares to the fruit in Texas.

If you ever come to Texas, stop by one of the Texas HEB stores and get the BEST fruit you can find on the planet.

Take my word for it! The strawberries and the oranges are the best and the sweetest…….

Peace be unto you on this day!
Lace Tomus

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