“Work from home”

As a mother you know what it’s like to get up and  rush off to work 5 or more days a week at a dead end job, where you have to suit your boss and try to beat the traffic and have to miss the time you could have spent with your family,friends and Ect,,,

Whether it’s kids or just someone you want to spend time with. 
Wouldn’t you rather do be your own boss and “Work from Home” in the comfort of your own home? 
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Live long and Prosper!


“Work From Home” Opportunities

“Work From Home” Opportunities

Opportunity to do what you’ve always wanted to do,

And What is that you say?

“Work from home”


Now isn’t that what you want to do?

Have the option to spend all the time you want 

with your family, go shopping, enjoy a great resturant, trying something

you’ve never tried before,

How about sky diving, maybe go on a horseback ride through the countryside,

or maybe just sit at home and chill out, take a long needed relax massage.

Oooooh doesn’t that sound great?


Get one the train with me, You’ll be glad you did!

“3 Step Simple System”


Live long and prosper!

” 3 Step Simple System”

Does it matter what the right choices in life are?




>There’s no greater feeling in your life that you can have<

Knowing that your bills are being paid, 

House payments, food, gas for your car, utilities PAID, 

 Having extra money to make it through the month,

Let me introduce you to Dave and Dave. 

They will teach you the “3 Step simple system” 

Step by Step on how they made it through 

the hard times and now YOU can too!

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“Work from home”

*I got up this morning thinking of you in mind*

Are you tired of going into work- Day in – Day out?
Why don’t you
“Work from home”
Set you own hours!

Millions of people get up even on a great Sunday morning,
rush to work, never having enough time for themselves,
or even spend with their families,

Are you one of those hard workers?
*I know I WAS*
Always feeling like I have to please the boss or I’ll lose my job!.

Why not be your own boss!
Go and make the first step.

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Live long and prosper!

Lace’s COOL Choices

*There are some “exciting things” happening this year *

“Lace’s  COOL Choices”

I will be releasing “2 more” albums this year.

1 Country and 1 Gospel.

I want you to know,
that you can go purchase any one or more of my albums right here:
Lace Tomus Music

I know that times are hard for some out there but 
I hope that you will continue to support me and my music 
as I want you to be happy in the “COOL CHOICES” you make in  life. 
Your support is always appreciated!

 ** Here are some real COOL money choices you can make too**


Peace and May God richly bless you always. 
Live long and prosper!


If you want to read my blogs you should go here: Lace’s Blogs

 In Other News!

I will tell you sometime in the future how I got to be 

Lace Tomus

What If


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