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Whether it’s kids or just someone you want to spend time with. 
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Chances ARE!

Chances ARE!

I could SURE use use ONE of these!!!!

Dealing With Phobia’s?


For those of you that don’t have the problem, with the fear of something!

Chances are you won’t be able to relate to those of us who do have these  feelings. Call it what you will (stupid,funny,unwarranted fear,being a baby) etc. We are told its a Phobia, that word seems weak in describing the things that scare the daylights out of some of us. So I’m gonna cheer you on to bungie jump, sky dive, zip line  through the rain forest, scuba dive an enjoy in on your excitement ! But in the mean time soon as I’m done with Therapy I’m gonna go shopping !!

Here’s my Phobia


only seems fitting for a girl thats on Cruise Ships a lot!

What I’ve done to deal with this is :

1, Learn to swim

2, Get in the water ( pools,rivers,oceans) as often as I can.

3, Sought out medical help.

4, Maybe even get hypnotized 

Still after all this just walking along the beach and looking at those waves just makes my stomach  cringe.

So those of you who don’t like water either it would be really nice to hear from you, tell me your thought’s.

 How do you feel ?

What goes thru your mind ?

How would you describe it ?

Are you on the same boat as I am ? 

Let me know, and just maybe some day (with your help) I just might write a Country Song bout it!

But till then I’m just going to go shopping.


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Thank You,

Live long and prosper!

Lace Tomus