Life Of a Preachers Daughter Blog- Sunday Morning Blah!

Life Of a Preachers Daughter Blog- Sunday Morning Blah!.


“3 Step Simple System”

“3 Step Simple System”

I was thinking today of how much people spend their lives wishing they had a better one. Even thinking that the grass is greener on the other side and YES! some say that isn’t always so, 

but I am here to tell you that some $$ grass IS greener on the other side as far as getting your financial situations in order.

Some say let’s just leave it to the professionals! Lets just say that I am NOT a professional and don’t know to much about things in life but i do know that this “3 Step Simple System” that I have found is a life changing experience (thats if you want it to) I know that if you try this and you want it bad enough, you will make the change too! so click HERE and see what happens.  

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Peace and lets prosper together! 


Lace Tomus

“Work from home”

*I got up this morning thinking of you in mind*

Are you tired of going into work- Day in – Day out?
Why don’t you
“Work from home”
Set you own hours!

Millions of people get up even on a great Sunday morning,
rush to work, never having enough time for themselves,
or even spend with their families,

Are you one of those hard workers?
*I know I WAS*
Always feeling like I have to please the boss or I’ll lose my job!.

Why not be your own boss!
Go and make the first step.

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Make a stand Right now and you’ll be glad you did.

It is so awesome to know you can do it!

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Live long and prosper!


“Stay At Home Mom’s”


Are you a “stay at home mom”
looking for a way to make some extra money?

Without getting a job, Without having to host home parties,
Without having to bug your friends or family,

Without having to be attached to the phone or computer all day.
You are going to really enjoy this. So click on this link

I know being a “stay at home mom” is hard work. I hope that put a smile on your face.
I know how hard being a mom is and I also know that you want to spend all the time you can with your family.

You want to see your son/daughter grow up and be there for them.
You want to be a full-time mom but it is getting to be impossible to survive off just one source of income.

If your son or daughter is not in school yet and you have to get a job,
I bet you are going to spend over half of the money you earn for someone else to watch your child.

Let alone the extra time in the morning to get ready, get your child ready,
fix breakfast get them dressed, drop them off at daycare rush to work.

Work all day then pick them up go home fix dinner and all of the other chores,
then you are down for the count.

Even though I am not a “stay at home” mom as my children are all grown and have lives of their own,
I wanted to share this blog with you. By clicking on this link you can,,, Get on the train too! *





Do you like Music?
If you finish this 4 step plan.
I will GIVE to you anyone of my albums

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* You’ll say *

Now THATS an offer I can’t refuse!!!!!
So make sure you finish the 4 Step Plan and get your FREE album today,
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So, Make the first step to changing your life for the better. You won’t be disappointed!

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Live Long and Prosper!




If you missed last nights Live weber, You missed a fantastic one.
Dave brought it down and to the point. One of Dave’s statements was,
Get on the train or get left behind,


I say WOW again,
Because I was just like that. I felt like none cared about what
happens to me, and it hit right to the core of it all.
I was lost and now am found!

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These guys at “Empower Network is a saving grace.
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Like I said before,,,
I was just like so many out there, I had a HARD JOB
working 12 or more hours a day,
and it seemed like there was no rainbow at the end,
but I can honestly tell you, I am so glad I made the start.

Now I’m not saying that there won’t be ups and downs
or that you will make a million dollars,
That will be totally up to you,,,,
but what I am saying is

Let’s do this together.
>>>> Make the change right now <<<<

Let Us Empower YOU!
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Live Long and Prosper!

Work From Home

If you don’t relish the thought of hustling to a workplace every day or you’re having a hard time securing a local gig.

There’s never been a better time to work from home:  

More than 40 million Americans do it, according to the advocacy group Telework Coalition. And as the economy improves, more people will be looking for additional income.

For most work at home jobs, you’ll need a computer and an Internet connection, some basic skills and a can-do attitude with a plan thats proven to work.


Read more:

Thank you! 


Live long and prosper!