In this “Life Of A Preachers Daughter” Blog
I want to talk about “PEACE”Image

Have you ever heard the song in which “Elvis Presley” sang called, “Peace in the valley”

It starts off by saying >>>
I’m so tired and weary but I must go along (meaning I must go on)


Do you have peace,, peace of mind? 
Do you wonder daily how you are going to pay your monthly bills?
Do you have a strategy? 
Do you need a different strategy?  Well I’ve got the “peace” right here for you!

In my younger years
I used to have all of the “Elvis Presley” Record albums. You know those big round record albums! Back then, the only thing we could get was a cassette tape and or a VHS. Now days almost everything is going digital.  Downloads to the galore for all the world to GET, GET, GET,,,,,,,.

It’s hard to say what the future is going to bring us,
Not knowing we get the unknown, the un-sure feeling, so sometimes we feel the PANIC of what the future has in store for us.  Not knowing what might or might not happen so,we try to scramble around pinching pennies trying to gather enough to pay for the bills we know are coming up or is due at certain moment.

Most of us pay our rent on the 1st of the month, THEN,,
It’s the lights, gas, water, trash, car payment, food, schooling, clothes, medicals and on and on and on…….


WOW! That sounds overwhelming.  
You know I never sat down and really thought about it.  All those long hours of working at dead end job which would surely in the long run slow my body down to where I couldn’t function like I use to and in our subconscious minds we know that we have to pay these things to get us through that month. Then yet again, that 30 days goes by and you have to do it all over again and again and again,,,,,,,,,,


WOW!  Talk about not having any “peace” at all right?

Why not try something that you’ve never tried before and get some Peace back in your life.

Like I alway say,,,,   YOU CAN DO IT!

So click! and let’s get YOU some 100% FREE “Peace”

Again, THANK YOU! for reading my “Life Of A Preachers Daughter” Blog.

God Bless YOU and our Nation!

Lace Tomus



My Morning

For todays “Life Of A Preachers Daughter” Blog, I want to share with you my morning,

ImageWaking Up,
This morning usually saying a prayer and thanking God for this Blessed day that he has given me. Instead I thought of Pepsi. 

Years ago,
I used to drink ALOT of Pepsi and now wish I hadn’t. While drinking it I found
it was refreshing.

As Some Of You Know Me In The Mornings,
I get up and sing real loud to wake everyone up in the house. and being a songwriter, I began to write a song about Pepsi. It didn’t take long to realize that I was done with the song in a madder of minutes.

That being said,
I think I will record it as an acoustic song. Kinda funny as well. Depending on your sense of humor on things.


The song is entitled “Living On Pepsi”  I will have it available as soon as I can get it down and as I only know 3 chords so far, It won’t be a perfect song. LOL

Thanks for reading todays “Life Of A Preachers Daughter” Blog.

Lace Tomus

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Thoughts from the Life Of A Preachers Daughter!








If you knew,
you had a short time to live what would be the top ten choices you would make?

1. Would you – love again?
2. Would you – tell someone you love them?
3. Would you – hug the one closest to you?
4. Would you – finally give back?
5. Would you – give to some charity?
6. Would you – tell some stranger on the street that God loves them?
7. Would you – go to your neighbor and ask for forgiveness if you have wronged them?
8. Would you – finally go to church and ask God to forgive you for all your sins?
9. Would you – finally except that Jesus is Lord and ask him in your heart?
10. Would you – finally count your many blessings?

These are some of the things that I would do!  How about you?

How about this! *Maybe you’ll change your financial situation*

I want to express
that there IS a right choice and I found it right here with this 3 Step simple system.
It was the right choice for me and it can be right for you too.
Give it a try and Remember, You have only two right choices to make.

#1. God  
#2. My 3 Step Simple System   

So DO IT with love and pride!

These things are meant to be thought about and shared.

These are only my thoughts in the Life Of A Preachers Daughter!


Lace Tomus

Life Of A Preachers Daughter Blog # 7

My Ideal Ride,Image
There is one car in particular that I have always wanted since they came out with them. I am talking about the 350Z.
Now this is a woman’s car. Fast, stylish and unique for sure. I don’t think there is another car out there that holds it’s own.


The compact car,
brings me to the story of the little car we had when I was a little girl. Growing up with10 people in the house, was quite a  chore to handle for my parents.
This little Imagecompact car was a 2 door Rambler. Do you remember it? I do!

Can you imagine,
how small that was for 8 kids and 2 adults to fit into? Back then, great on gas, economical to get around in and Yeah, It might have been all those things but having to ride in that car was dreadful. I hated to get into that little car but knew we had to as every Tuesday night, and every Sunday morning when the church doors were open we were there.
Us kids would get packed into that little car, seven kids in the back, and three people in the front. I’m saying we were packed into this car like sardines.

Whats funny now which wasn’t back then,
I remember the back of the drivers seat being broke. Each one of us had our turn at holding the drivers seat up with our knees as dad drove us to church. Everyone knew we were coming, with the sound of the car and the loud singing. Some stood in the parking lot as they watched us get out of that little 2 door Rambler. They were amazed how we all got to fit in there. The happiest time is when we got out of that car. There was room to move and breath again.
Did I mention, I hated that car? I did for sure.

I think,
my parents were happy and thankful they had something to drive as we were a very poor family.
I look at it as we were blessed to have it.

This is, just a small memory in the Life Of A Preachers Daughter.

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Lace Tomus


Life Of a Preachers Daughter Blog

Life in the fast lane,

ImageIsn’t what I thought it would be. Being a Preachers Daughter was a very hard life for me as I always had to live up to the standards of being the Preachers Daughter. Church, church, church was drilled into my head everyday of my life and at times I wondered what it would be like outside of the christian faith so in my teens I would try ways to get away from the things that Christianity had offered me. I was so tired of it all. At 22 I married a man outside of the religious realm and continued down the path that lead to no where. A place in my life where sometimes it seemed as tho’ there was no way out. Thinking back on all of it now seems like a blur, like somewhere in a time capsule hovering up in space somewhere, hoping it would make me rise up and conquer the enemy or maybe it would get me a x 3 strike out (which in fact that’s what it was) 3 strikes and I was out for the count.

The Fact Is,
If it wasn’t for music, I know that I would have been some where in this world that I didn’t want to be. Maybe in the gutter somewhere, maybe on some lonely street. Now that I’m older and look back on my life, I know I would have changed somethings in my life whether it was good or bad, but the trials in my life (which I had many) and still do, make me who and what I am right now.

My hope,
Is that my blog for today brings you to the realization to that you don’t have to go to church to know that Christ loves you whether you go to church or not. If you have Christ in your life and know that he lives inside you, you are his no matter how far you stray away from him.

Blessing for you today,

There is no greater love than his love.

These thoughts,
Are my own true thoughts in the Life Of A Preachers Daughter as your life is different then mine was and is.

Thanks again for reading my Life Of A Preachers Daughter blog for today!

Lace Tomus