My Morning

For todays “Life Of A Preachers Daughter” Blog, I want to share with you my morning,

ImageWaking Up,
This morning usually saying a prayer and thanking God for this Blessed day that he has given me. Instead I thought of Pepsi. 

Years ago,
I used to drink ALOT of Pepsi and now wish I hadn’t. While drinking it I found
it was refreshing.

As Some Of You Know Me In The Mornings,
I get up and sing real loud to wake everyone up in the house. and being a songwriter, I began to write a song about Pepsi. It didn’t take long to realize that I was done with the song in a madder of minutes.

That being said,
I think I will record it as an acoustic song. Kinda funny as well. Depending on your sense of humor on things.


The song is entitled “Living On Pepsi”  I will have it available as soon as I can get it down and as I only know 3 chords so far, It won’t be a perfect song. LOL

Thanks for reading todays “Life Of A Preachers Daughter” Blog.

Lace Tomus

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I cannot say,
who they are but by the time you get through reading this short blog…………….

Thank you for your interest,
in coming to our show unfortunately as of right now, you are the not the right candidate and you don’t fit our program.
We are a team of over obese achievers and we are looking for qualified people.

WOW! How is that I ask myself? Am I not an obese woman too?

To be honest with you,
I think I am. Being over 200 lbs you would think  they would count me as being their right candidate RIGHT? NOPE!
I guess my story isn’t what they were looking for.

My drive,
With the will and the drive inside me, this country girl can and will do it on her own!

Thoughts and comments are most appreciative!

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Lace Tomus

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