Life Of a Preachers Daughter Blog- Sunday Morning Blah!

Life Of a Preachers Daughter Blog- Sunday Morning Blah!.


Life Of a Preachers Daughter Blog- Sunday Morning Blah!

LaceWhat started out to be a fantastic day, has turned into a tried and tested morning for me.

The day started off by me doing what I do almost every morning,
going to get me an iced Tea to get me going for the day. So I go outside and began to get into my car and looked down and found that my front tire on the drivers side was almost flat. You talk about Blah! That’s how I felt. Blah!

So I go to the closet place to get air for the tire and to my surprise,,,,
They wanted a dollar just to get air. I’m like REALLY? Just for air? Think of the cost of air that we breath,,, if we had to pay for it, how much would it be? Anyway, it being a Sunday you would think there was somewhere that I could go get it fixed in this Ocean town?

Well I was at my last wits end when,
I decided to use my G.P.S. I searched it and found a few places that maybe they would be open. So after calling all the places and not finding anything open on my list, I thought, W.W.G.D, Meaning (what would God do)?

I stopped the car and said a little prayer,
I sat for what seemed like 15 min. I decided to go down this little street, ‘lo and behold’ there was this little mom and pop tire shop whom had just opened up for the day!!! I couldn’t believe it! I’m like WOW!
I stopped and thanked God for his many blessings for showing me the way.The tire was fixed, and when receiving the bill, they told me the cost of fixing the tire with a total of $20.40. I thought to myself,, that’s OK with me because they were there for me when I needed them most. As I was walking out the door, they said, they hoped God would bless my day today! I said thanks,, you too and was out the door. I thought about what had just happened to me concerning the tire that I have so much to be thankful for.

Now that I am at home and have begun to write this blog and think back on it
I never mentioned to anyone about the morning I was having. I think it happened to me so I could tell my story and let you know what happens in the Life Of a Preachers Daughter. I am so thankful to have the opportunity to bring to you my Life Of a Preachers Daughter Blog for today.

Blessed are you, for taking the time to read my blogs.

May your day be filled with much happiness and love.



Lace Tomus

Life Of A Preachers Daughter Blog # 7

My Ideal Ride,Image
There is one car in particular that I have always wanted since they came out with them. I am talking about the 350Z.
Now this is a woman’s car. Fast, stylish and unique for sure. I don’t think there is another car out there that holds it’s own.


The compact car,
brings me to the story of the little car we had when I was a little girl. Growing up with10 people in the house, was quite a  chore to handle for my parents.
This little Imagecompact car was a 2 door Rambler. Do you remember it? I do!

Can you imagine,
how small that was for 8 kids and 2 adults to fit into? Back then, great on gas, economical to get around in and Yeah, It might have been all those things but having to ride in that car was dreadful. I hated to get into that little car but knew we had to as every Tuesday night, and every Sunday morning when the church doors were open we were there.
Us kids would get packed into that little car, seven kids in the back, and three people in the front. I’m saying we were packed into this car like sardines.

Whats funny now which wasn’t back then,
I remember the back of the drivers seat being broke. Each one of us had our turn at holding the drivers seat up with our knees as dad drove us to church. Everyone knew we were coming, with the sound of the car and the loud singing. Some stood in the parking lot as they watched us get out of that little 2 door Rambler. They were amazed how we all got to fit in there. The happiest time is when we got out of that car. There was room to move and breath again.
Did I mention, I hated that car? I did for sure.

I think,
my parents were happy and thankful they had something to drive as we were a very poor family.
I look at it as we were blessed to have it.

This is, just a small memory in the Life Of A Preachers Daughter.

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Lace Tomus


“Life of a preachers daughter”

“Life of a Preachers Daughter”

I began singing at a young age some where around 3, and in elementary school, in church in my teen years. 

Music has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. 

I come from family of singers from my grandmother (who was a yodeler on her own radio station) and my parents, you name it! 

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After a 13 year hiatus, I joined the Rumrunners in late 2008, as their female vocalist, 

performing music by Jimmy Buffet, and other artist (Well more than a few! ha) 

When the venue warrants traditional Country music, (YOU KNOW I’M THERE!) Yowsa!!!!!!


I perform songs from a variety Country, Reggae and other artists. Rumrunners was one of a handful of bands 

selected to perform at Glendale, Arizona, 4th of July main event, in 2011. Bottom line, singing is in my soul and hey!!!! 

I just LOVE to sing!

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Lace Tomus