Life Of a Preachers Daughter Blog-The Reasons Why,

 The reason this Preachers Daughter joined Empower Network, Image
is because I was tired of all the gimmicks that I had tried and wanted
to have something to show for my future. I wanted something different.

I had a hard job working 5-6 days a weeks. All that heavy lifting was more then I could take at times. I needed a change! I wanted a change! Somehow I had to find a better way to live and survive.

I am a Indie artist
needing help in get people to know me and maybe find a connection with me but not just that, I want the world to know that I am ME. Not just someone who don’t count in this big wide world of ours. Being me was a hard lesson to learn as I was doing what I had to survive. I had been in the work force since I was 22 and never known any other job then the hard survival job I was in, other than music.

I was at my wits end
then one day I was introduced to Empower Network.  I am a newbie to Empower Network. I want to make a difference in my life and as time goes on, I hope that you will want to get to know me and connect with me.

I hope that I will see you sometime in the future at one of the live events 2014. So, If you see me come up and introduce yourself. I would love to hear your story.

I am so excited!
Click here:

Peace and May God Bless Your Day!

Lace Tomus



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