Life Of a Preachers Daughter Blog-Faith In Yourself

I was watching a show last night called 20 Feet From Stardom.
It was about backup singers who had sung with the big stars out there.
Backup singers are the most Important thing when it comes to the entertainers out there.
They are just as important as the singer themselves.

Did you know that 
99% of them are Preachers Daughters.
I am a Preachers daughter but was never like they were. The only difference between them and me, They had support from their parent. ME, not so much.

I am here to tell you,
it doesn’t matter what they say about your singing. If you think and know that you can sing, you should express your talents and never let anyone tell you that you can’t do it or that your not good enough.
I was one of the statics who was told, You aren’t as good as,,,,,,,,You’ll never be like,,,,  You’ll never be better than,,,,, Came from a family member whom I think never had faith in me in the first place, made me doubt myself all these years. Being told you are, then you’ll never be as good as,,, or be like,, or better than,,, is the hardest thing to handle for someone growing up whom just wanted to sing on stage and get the notice that she so desperately needed and wanted. I wanted to be different then all those other singers out there. Yeah growing up I would sing in the Gospel realm but It turns out that it was only for the family.

I want to add,

even though I was in the Gospel realm, I never got to do what my heart so longed to do which was sing for millions. I was one of those girls who wanted to be there on that Grand “Ol Opry  stage singing to you folks out there. Not getting to fulfill my heart of dreams makes me wonder how many young people out there whom have the talent and their parent holds them back from achieving what God wanted for their life. Maybe your not so young anymore and you do have the talent inside you. Never give up! It’s gonna be OK. Just keep the faith!

Looking Forward,
I was amazed how great of singers they are. I learned a lot and did a lot of soul searching. I am now looking forward to a better future and hope to sing for you all someday out there.

Just so you know,

I am loving everyday of my life and am not bitter any more toward that family member as it is not for me to judge. Only God is their judge. This is ONLY my Life Of a Preachers Daughter Story.

Thanks again for reading Life Of a Preachers Daughter Blog.
Peace be with you and may God keep his hand on you and my country.

For music go here

Lace Tomus


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