Life Of A Preachers Daughter Blog

In the time it took me to wake up,Life of a preachers daughter
shower, get dressed, eat and get the kids off to school, you would think that I would be enjoying the rest of the few minutes I had left before I had to get to work,,,, spending time for me? Nope,,,,

I used to have a very hard job,
I worked long hours and doing the heavy lifting thing was just something I had to do to survive. Yes I said survive! I didn’t think there was a place that I could work at where that I didn’t have to please other people. Getting up each day and struggling to get to work, was at times so tiring that I didn’t think I would make it through the day and yes there were times I thought I would die from all the lifting that I knew I would have to endure for that day. When my body ached with so much pain I would just lie there wishing and praying that maybe there was another way to live. It took me a long time to find such a program but when I was introduced to this Simple 3 Step formula I was so happy.

I haven’t been in it for very long and I still got a whole lot to learn, but I am going to DO IT because I know if I don’t at least try it, I will never know how much it can change my whole thought of being.

Thanks again for reading my blogs!
May God richly bless you.

Lace Tomus



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