Thoughts from the Life Of A Preachers Daughter!








If you knew,
you had a short time to live what would be the top ten choices you would make?

1. Would you – love again?
2. Would you – tell someone you love them?
3. Would you – hug the one closest to you?
4. Would you – finally give back?
5. Would you – give to some charity?
6. Would you – tell some stranger on the street that God loves them?
7. Would you – go to your neighbor and ask for forgiveness if you have wronged them?
8. Would you – finally go to church and ask God to forgive you for all your sins?
9. Would you – finally except that Jesus is Lord and ask him in your heart?
10. Would you – finally count your many blessings?

These are some of the things that I would do!  How about you?

How about this! *Maybe you’ll change your financial situation*

I want to express
that there IS a right choice and I found it right here with this 3 Step simple system.
It was the right choice for me and it can be right for you too.
Give it a try and Remember, You have only two right choices to make.

#1. God  
#2. My 3 Step Simple System   

So DO IT with love and pride!

These things are meant to be thought about and shared.

These are only my thoughts in the Life Of A Preachers Daughter!


Lace Tomus


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