Lace’s COOL Choices

*There are some “exciting things” happening this year *

“Lace’s  COOL Choices”

I will be releasing “2 more” albums this year.

1 Country and 1 Gospel.

I want you to know,
that you can go purchase any one or more of my albums right here:
Lace Tomus Music

I know that times are hard for some out there but 
I hope that you will continue to support me and my music 
as I want you to be happy in the “COOL CHOICES” you make in  life. 
Your support is always appreciated!

 ** Here are some real COOL money choices you can make too**


Peace and May God richly bless you always. 
Live long and prosper!


If you want to read my blogs you should go here: Lace’s Blogs

 In Other News!

I will tell you sometime in the future how I got to be 

Lace Tomus


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