Laces News Updates!

When it comes to small children, they want excitement. It has to take them on an adventure,

So I bring to you,

“The Teeny Tiny Kingdom” book which came out yesterday. Rather than just tell you about it, 

I would like you to go see the book and say. “Uh…duh…now here’s a children’s book,

” I thought I’d let you in on the secret so you will see it for yourself. 


It took me from Point A (making the decision to write a children’s book) to Point B (sending the children’s book to print.)

If you plan on getting or reading “The Teeny Tiny Kingdom”, it might be fun to see the story and have your child read it.

If you’ve ever thought about writing an illustrated children’s book, Don’t let time slip away. You can do it too!

I will see you on the Blurb! Get your copy today!  


Oh! I just remembered. 

Here it is.



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